The old Phone

 May, 29 - 2014   no comments   InspirationalText

When I was quite young, my father had one of the first telephones in our neighborhood. I remember the polished, old case fastened to the wall. The shiny receiver hung on the side of the box. I was too little to reach the telephone, but used to listen with fascination when my mother talked to […]

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Elephant flips hippo

 Nov, 15 - 2013   Pictures

Angry elephant flips mother hippopotamus into the air with its trunk as she tries to protect her calf

Psychology 101

 Oct, 03 - 2013   Text

If you start with a cage containing five monkeys and inside the cage, hang a banana on a string from the top and then you place a set of stairs under the banana, before long a monkey will go to the stairs and climb toward the banana.


 Sep, 07 - 2013   Text

Employee: Excuse me sir, may I talk to you? Boss: Sure, come in. What can I do for you? Employee: Well sir, as you know, I have been an employee of this prestigious firm for over ten years. Boss: Yes. Employee: I won’t beat around the bush. Sir, I would like a raise. I currently […]

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